Financial transactions made easy

Skipjack is an innovative financial transaction system that offers users better security and faster processing.

Encryp Wallet

Access your funds virtually anywhere with Skipjack’s Encryp Wallet.

Keep your funds secure
Managed by Feistel Core Network (FCN) and powered by Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange algorithm, Encryp Wallet ensures that your funds and all transactions are encrypted and secure at all times.

All your transactions in one place
Transfer, trade and sell Skipjack currency directly from the dashboard.

Easy and hassle-free access
Access your Encryp Wallet virtually anywhere.

Encryp Banking

Skipjack’s Encryp Banking allows users to send, receive and do financial transactions anytime, anywhere.

Transactions made faster and more secure
With a decentralized system at its core, users can process up to 1 million transactions per second at a speed of 0.002 seconds.

Pay less, do more
Transactions are completed within the Skipjack system, which lessens intermediary fees and cross-border payments.

Transactions made easy
Encryp Bank supports all types - fiat and cryptocurrency alike.

No regional limitations
Send and receive money as well as purchase goods and services anytime and anywhere in the world.


SuperEncrypblock connects banks from all over the world into one highly secured center where transactions are processed in the least amount of time.


Zetanet protocol suite is the conceptual model and set of communication protocol for New Internet or Internet 2.0. This model offers an end-to-end data communication specifying how data should be packed, addressed, transmitted, routed and received in the network topology of Zeta series.

Encryp Layer
It contains communication methods within a single network segment.

Zetanet Layer
It provides secure networking between independent network.

Block Layer
It provides process-to-process data exchange between.

Exchange Layer
It provides process-to-process data exchange between applications.

Skipjack - Encrypblock

The Future of Financial Technology

Skipjack’s technology will not just revolutionize the financial industry but also the different branches in the government. People do not need to wait for a longer process since the processes through Superencryp and Zetanet that takes days or even weeks before, will be verified less than a second.

How It Work

These will provide you a step by step process on how to buy our Skipjack DMC via ICO presale


Go to www.skipjackfcn.com/ICO and register. Wait for the confirmation email.

Perform KYC

Once you received the email. Read the User agreement and fill out the KYC form. Once done, click submit. We are manually verifying all the data you’ve provided to ensure the highest security.


Once you are verified we will now send you an instruction on how to purchase your first DMC.

*DMC will be distributed to investors by 4 March 2019 after the end of Presale period.

Frequently Ask Questions

Start selling, buying and trading

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Skipjack and the cover we offer.

If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please use the contact us page.

Transaction fee will be 0.1 to 1.0%.

Wallet address is a series of numbers and letters unique to your account.

Your wallet is secured as it is. Do not give away your account password to anyone. No skipjack employee will ask for your password to access your account.

To add dimes and money. You can contact your country merchants.

Encrypcurrency is the same as fiat money, however it’s transferred at the speed of .002 seconds and one of its main feature is being in a quadruple layer of security.

One of the differences between Cryptocurrency and Encrypcurrency is our currency has its underlying assets which makes it less volatile than crypto.

Cryptocurrency can be used for illegal transactions and cannot be traced, whereas Encrypcurrency has data stored in the network to help fight illegal transactions
The global issue of data overload is a problem we are all experiencing. As we speak, we are entering the zetabyte era. In a few years, users would consume 163 zettabytes which is an equivalent to watching the entire Netflix catalog four hundred times over.

Currently, data protection is the main problem with our current internet. But with zetanet. All datas are encrypted and only the receiver and sender.

No human interferance since it is managed by an AI we created called FCN or Feisten Core Network

Stage one is complete which is our encrypblock technology launched 19 December 2018.

Plan to do test by late 2020 or early 2021.

(Banks) Currently are using a banking technology that was developed back in 1960s, and with the encrypblock and zetanet, transactions would be a lot faster from one country to another country, while data integrity is retained by security and credibility of the feistal core network. Also it will remove huge amount of fees for money transfers and money wire.

The current bank to bank transfer takes 3 – 5 working days. Due to validations from sender and receivers intermediary banks.

All bank customers with banks connected to our encrypblock can do instantaneous money transfer (0.002 second) from anywhere in the world.

Encrypblock removes all intermediary banks from interbank transactions reducing the fee, time and energy used.

Our technology cannot just revolutionize the financial industry but also different branches in the government. Processes that takes days or even weeks to verify will take less than a second.

Networks will become secure due to our encryption technology.
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